Bishopton Community Council report

Published: June 9, 2021

Bishopton CC Report from Councillor James MacLaren

1. Roads

i) Ferry Rd/Old Greenock Rd Junction: – The painting of the yellow box at Ferry Road is due to be done shortly.

ii) Road closures to the Red Smiddy roundabout area: – Phase 1 will commence on Monday 7th June for a couple of days, with the diversion via Inchinnan Drive to Greenock Road through to Red Smiddy. Phase 2 will commence after the closure has been lifted on Phase 1 (probably Wednesday) with diversion via Barnsford Road to Inchinnan Drive.

iii) Kingston Road Parking: – There is a lay-bye which is being parked in causing problems.

iv) Bishopton to Red Smiddy Roundabout Shared Use Path: – I pointed out a lump in the new surface which I presume to be a weed pushing through. The Contractor is currently working through a defect list. 

v) White lining: – an instruction has been passed to our contractor to refresh the lining on Greenock Rd from Ferry Rd west to Lyle Cres and including the junctions.

vi) Anti-skid Surface: – the contractor is still awaiting parts from his supplier to complete the anti-skid mixer repairs.

vii) Old Greenock Rd Speeds: – I had a site visit on Greenock Rd with our Roads engineer to look at how to reduce speeds and make the road safer for residents of both Chisholm Ave and Little Porton (“little” Old Greenock Rd).

2. Blooming Bishopton

The number of volunteers is growing and I am looking for suggested projects and areas requiring maintenance. The land at the edge of Greenock Rd in front of the Community Centre has been suggested as a good starting point.

3. Police Presence at Community Councils

The police will only attend meetings that are on Microsoft Teams and not Zoom.

4. Formakin Estate parking

Our Place Making Team Leader met with Directors of the Formakin Garden Company, on 21 April at Formakin. The meeting involved a walk around the Estate and discussion of the issues concerning residents. Discussions took place on the potential of alternative solutions to parking at the Estate, along with improved signage highlighting the route of the Core Path and the provisions of the Outdoor Access Code. The Directors advised that proposals would be submitted for consideration by officers.

5. Section 75 Agreement

A meeting of interested parties has been arranged for this week including the Dargavel Residents Assoc, Community Council, Bishopton Development Trust, in advance of the CLG on Monday.

6. Roll out of Broadband

City Fibre have confirmed that they have not yet begun detailed planning for Bishopton but would be grateful if residents could register their interest in receiving high-speed broadband via their postcode checker on the website ( as that will capture interest and help shape their plans.

7. Condition of Clyde Path

I attended a meeting with the Clyde Coast Footpath Assoc and Erskine Rotary. While I am still to get some costings from Mar Hall, I am pleased to say that the Clyde Coast Footpath Assoc agreed to help fund the work.

8. Bishopton Medical Centre

There have been a number of issues brought to my attention. The centre appears to be under some pressure from the number of patients trying to access it. This is not helped by a substandard telephone system run by the HSCP.

9. Illuminated sign

A local resident has expressed surprise and dismay that an illuminated sign is being erected next to a children’s crossing point on Greenock Rd next to the primary school. I have asked Planning for an explanation and for it to be switched off at school crossing times.

10. Contractor vehicles

I have witnessed a number of construction vehicles travelling through the village which I have reported. BAE say they are currently liaising with both the housing developers present on the development to advise them again of the correct routing to Dargavel village development without travelling through the village of Bishopton.

11. Planning Applications

The Council has just installed an upgraded system which is meant to generate a reply to all that made representations following the planning decision being inserted into system. This part of the system is not operating as it should and those making representation have not been notified of the outcome.

12. Outdoor Access & Play Area Improvements

At the recent Council’s ILE Board there was an item confirming an investment to support improvements in outdoor access and play areas. Over the next two years, council will invest £1,250,000 on enhancing and improving play areas across Renfrewshire. A full programme showing what investment where, will be brought back to a future ILE Board later this year. There will also be £150,000 to support a programme of tree works and path clearance. Council hopes to get local input as part of the investment programme.


Feedback from Meeting

1. Blooming Bishopton: – One of the volunteers has suggested that we tackle the bit of ground in front of the community centre. I will check to see if the contractor working on the new drainage there has completed his work.

2. Flooding Greenock Rd: – I will request an update on the work to stop the flow of water from 1 Greenock Rd.

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