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Witches and Executions - Dark Events at Bargarran! and more from the Urban Historian 



Erskine Bridge

 Erskine Bridge  

Erskine Bridge Opening - Video (from 0.42)

Erskine Bridge story 

photo from Glasgow Chronicles

'One of the first across'! Photo from:


Erskine Ferry

 Erskine Ferry Erskine Ferry

Busy crossing, at one time - Video 

There has been a crossing point of the Clyde at Erskine for about as long as records have been kept...


Erskine House

 Mar Hall

Now much more familiar as Mar Hall, the building is an important part of Erskine's History and contribution to Scotland in times past.


Automobile Association Headquarters - Fanum House

AA HQ, Fanum House


Do you have more information or pictures of Fanum House, from its time as a major landmark and employer in Erskine?