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Published: October 29, 2021

The number of requests for help to EBI Unites has increased recently. This seems to be a result of the end of the Furlough Scheme, the reduction in Universal Credit payments and wider cost of living pressures. EBI Unites is working with local churches and other community partners to get the message out that help is available. You can read about the types of help available here.

The value of the services provided by the EBI Unites is widely recognised. £18,000 funding was recently secured and will be used in a variety of ways, including organisation of 6 Community Meals that will bring people together over the coming months. The Co-op Community Partner fund also awarded EBI Unites £3,000. The Co-op and Marks and Spencer make regular and substantial donations of food to our local service.

The work of EBI Unites is recognised in other ways. Project lead Jacqui Reid has appeared on a BBC programme and was invited to attend a Lord Provost’s event in Edinburgh. Jacqui is also part of the national Poverty Alliance grouping which highlights the impact of these continuing difficult times on children especially. 

The EBI Unites Zero Heroes Marketplace which offers low cost fresh fruit, vegetables and other food has been operating successfully for some months from the Erskine Church of the Nazarene, 9.30am-2pm, Monday to Thursday. To help people who can’t get there during the day, it will shortly open on Monday evenings. 

If you would like to ask about getting help from EBI Unites, for yourself or someone you know, please go to  If you would like to join a great group of volunteers delivering EBI Unites services, please go to

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